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Have you ever taken a bite of something you know is not good for you and then decided ‘what the heck, I have to detox anyway so I might as well have some more’?  Most of us have. Really think about that. What is wrong with that picture?  Or perhaps think of it another way. What do alcoholics think about that first drink? ‘Oh, I already blew it I might as well have some more to drink.’  Could it be that our tendency to take bites and then proceeding on to binging on poo is addictive behavior much like alcoholics?  Ouch. I didn’t use to think so but I have changed my mind.
There’s research out there that says that sugar may be as addicting as cocaine or alcohol. Do we think it is easier for our bodies to get rid of a little poo vs getting rid of a lot of poo? Then why would we delude ourselves in believing that’s it ok to go ahead and go for it if we stop and think about what we are doing to ourselves.  That’s the problem- we are not thinking or we might have a better chance or changing our behavior.
So what your definition of poo is for your body may be different than someone elses. However, we know sugar and alcohol have no nutritive value whatsoever and the body has to process or detoxify the toxins to get rid of it. How do you get rid of toxins? You process them through or your kidneys and liver.  And the more toxins your body has to process the harder it is on your body. And you definitely won’t lose weight if your body is processing toxins. Toxins cause inflammation. The research also supports how inflammation is directly related to disease. So, if sugar is not good for you, is addictive, causes inflammation, and leads to health problems why do we keep eating it? Because we are addicted to it. How do you overcome an addiction? Education, accountability, persistence and perseverance to the 5 simple steps of self-care GT keeps talking about-  eat clean food, drink lots of water, exercise, rest, and elegant thinking.
Gelene Berkram, Ed.D., FNP, GT coach
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