RN Advice: What’s with My Appetite?

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MeHungryWhy am I starving (or not hungry at all)?’ Just recently I had someone ask me why she did not feel hungry since she had cut out sugar and wine for her New Year’s resolution. I thought this would be a great topic to talk about. Our appetite is a great indicator of what is happening in regards to toxin release and fat loss.

When we clean up the foods we eat our body will go through several phases as it adjusts. At first we are hungry and craving sweets. This is the natural occurrence to the drop in blood sugar and the insulin response. During this phase we rely quite a bit on will power. However by increasing our protein intake and eating protein with carbohydrates we can help level out this cycle. This phase can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on our abstinence from sugar.

full want dessert?Once the body is in overdrive of releasing toxins into the body, these toxins circulate in our system, including our brain preparing for elimination. During this phase, we may experience irritation, wanting food diversity or other foods than what we planned, or feeling full and bloated. During this intense detox phase, the body’s hunger response is shut down. Hunger will normally resume in about 1-2 weeks when metabolism is restored.

As you can see this process is not fast but several weeks in length and is dependent on us not caving, eating sweets or other inflammatory foods. When we back slide, we start the process all over again. Understanding the physiological response of our body during clean up (detox) and our appetite can help us choose foods that keep us moving through the phases and increase our health.

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Peggi Ingram RN BSN
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