Journey to My Life’s Purpose: Remembering the Beginning

Posted on February 3, 2015 by


TRUST-THE-PROCESS-copyWhen we follow the rules, fully commit and trust the process we get results.

This past month, several of us coaches were chatting about our beliefs when we first started our journey with GT. Most of us said the same thing – we wanted results but we were resistant to following the rules fully. We strategized on ways to beat the system – in other words we cheated. We failed to journal, get our water in and continued to try foods that didn’t work for us such as alcohol or noodles. It was not until we fully complied with all of the simple rules we were given that we got results. The funny thing is – all of the times were were trying to beat the system, the process was hard. Once we followed the rules – BAM – it was easy.

After that conversation, I have been paying close attention to other areas of my life that I am not getting the results I want. Am I attempting to control it? Am I cheating or changing the rules? What behavior am I doing that is not fully trusting or committing to the rules (principles)? What am I afraid of in fully submitting? These have been powerful questions that have opened my eyes to my accountability and responsibility.

What I also have noticed are the situations in which I have been able to fully commit and trust and how easy and enjoyable life is around that situation. Life is a constant journey of lessons and growth and it is up to me whether it is easy or difficult.

Peggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach