Ask Dave: Gratitude and Slow Cooker-ing

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I talk to a lot of people about food. Recipes, sources, new & old techniques, you get the idea. Lately a recurring theme is how many people don’t use or own a slow cooker. This always amazes me as if I were to list the kitchen implements that I am grateful for the slow cooker would be in the top 5.

Sometimes I make chicken or beef stock at night by putting all the ingredients in the slow cooker, turning it on, and leaving it alone. When I awake in the morning the whole house smells like wonderful food – at times I forget that the cook was myself and it smells like my personal chef has been working throughout the night to prepare my breakfast.

The real beauty of a slow cooker is the incredible ease that it takes to use one. Last week we had some new friends over for dinner and judging by their clean plates and their request for when we could do it again the next time we saw them, I would judge the meal a success. I shared my secret recipe with them: Place chuck roast in slow cooker, dust with salt, pepper,
and some seasoning (I used Braggs salt free seasoning this time). The next step is to place some vegetable around the roast. The third step (this is a critical step!) is to turn on the slow cooker. You may also turn it on first and then add the ingredients. Cook roast all day. Eat roast. You may substitute too – chicken instead of roast, pork shoulder, etc, etc.

My mother taught me another family secret recipe – this ones even easier:
one whole Winter Squash
Again – turn on slow cooker. Place squash in slow cooker. Check in several hours for doneness – it should be soft.  Remove the flesh from the skin (toss the seeds), and serve.

Other slow-cookable feasts include chicken thighs, beef short ribs, chili, stew, and BBQ anything.

The downside of slow cooking? That terrible moment when you realize…you forgot to turn it on.

Slow Food is Good Food,

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