RN Advice: What is Disease?

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As an emergency room nurse, I was pretty sure that I understood the concept of disease. I had definitely seen my share of illness, had an advanced degree and specialized certifications.  What I knew was that patients had disease because of family history, lack of attention to their bodies, or sometimes just random luck it seemed.  It made perfect sense to me at the time but I now realize that I really didn’t understand disease at all.

When-your-body-seems-to-be-screaming-at-youWhat I know now is that disease (or more appropriately dis-ease) is an imbalance.  An imbalance of the body, mind and/or spirit.  Too much processed food, stress, and negativity and too little self-care, self-love, and rest. Disease is not related to random luck at all. Disease/illness is a message from our body to ‘Listen up and Fix It!’

Our health is a result of our choices in life; food, thoughts, actions, lifestyle, exposures.  There is no blaming others for the disease we acquire. Our health is related to how we attend (choices) to the every day signals of our body.   

Do we rest when our body is tired or do we push it further?  Do we continue to eat the irritant (food) that is causing our arthritis, reflux, or pain? When a symptoms is diagnosed, do we make permanent changes necessary to support the healing process or do we get the body feeling just a little bit better and go back to our old habits?

So does family history have anything to do with our health?  Absolutely!  Family history is the known path we will take when we choose to not pay attention to the signals from our body and move into disease.

What I now understand is that I am in the driver seat. By listening and acknowledging the messages from my body and taking the necessary corrective actions to keep the mind, body and spirit in balance, I prevent disease and can turn my body around to a state of vibrant health and well being.  What is your body telling you? Are you listening?

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