How Well Do You Fall?

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No one likes falling.

It has the power to unnerve, derail and destroy.

It’s painful. Makes you feel incompetent. And it takes you by surprise because you rarely see it coming.

It IS coming, however…that you can be certain of.

If you are living life with even an ounce of boldness you are going to fall…probably a lot.

Reaching goals seamlessly, with no wrinkles in your clothes or dirt on your face is delusional.

EXPECT TO FALL and then get busy learning how to become the most graceful klutz you know.

Who sees falling as a skill to be learned rather than a mistake to be avoided?


When they are caught off guard by the unexpected they instinctively react in a way that is LEAST damaging.

Great movers master the art of falling. (So my mentor, Ido Portal, has taught me.)

It makes sense right? Someone who dares to take on big, challenging movements is going to fall 

Well…there is NO bigger movement than daring to live life at the elevation of your most outstanding self.

Optimizing your health, serving your purpose, and living a charged life…that’s movement WORTH falling for.

The path leading to your BEST, most badass self will not be a paved, leisurely trek.

 Nope. It will more closely resemble a black diamond slope, an “under-construction” route, or a delayed flight.

There WILL be obstacles…expect them.


Challenges will build your character or stunt your growth.

Setbacks will ignite you or they will extinguish you.

Obstacles have the potential to set you free or keep you confined from what you really want…forever.

It is totally up to you and how you shape your response to the inevitable falls.

I have long found solace in this quote during my own face plants: 

“Even if you fall on your face, you are still moving forward.”

     Victor Kiam

Learning to fall is vital to your process and PROGRESS.

And if you don’t fall?

Either you never really tried, or the movement you are pursuing in life isn’t challenging enough.

Courtney Townley
GT Coach