Freedom to Love

Posted on July 1, 2014 by


amy yogaWhat happens when you just let go of the need to be right? Nothing. It is in this nothingness where one can find peace. The argument stops. So does the “pain”. If it causes pain, it is not true, so when we give up this overwhelming desire to control, to be right, we release ourselves from that pain. It’s become a very weightless feeling for me.

Letting go had not been easy for me at first because I believed I MUST CONTROL ALL THINGS. I would fight and fight to make things go a certain way but the end result was always stress and pain. Was it worth it? Nope. So one day I experimented with letting go of being right.

Husband (or wife) saying something you absolutely don’t agree with? Let them. Just listen and give up the need to be right. Shut your yap, maybe even smile or nod. It’ll seem like a challenge at first as your brain isn’t comfortable with the uncertainty but if you surrender to the resistance, you’ll move into a place of peace and weightlessness. You’ll move into a FREEDOM to control your reaction to things; a freedom to live in happiness.

For me, it allowed me to enjoy spending more time with my husband. Time for just the two of us had been so uncomfortable and tense as we both worked so hard to prove we were right. Most of the time, we were both arguing the same thing but were too stubborn to even listen to what the other was saying. Now, we make our drive to yoga once or twice a week a time where we have meaningful conversations and really surrender to the opportunity of being something other than right. If yoga didn’t make us feel good already, this sure did!

Amy Z, Genesis Transformation Client