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Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

A huge thank you to my Coach, Sheri Lynn this holiday season, you are such a gift!!  

After speaking with my family, friends and clients this past week, I remember how difficult I used to think healthy eating was at this time of year was .  I remember getting to this point in December and thinking, what the heck, I’ll just live it up the next few weeks and get back on “the saddle” come January.

When it came to fat loss, there was no gray area for me, it was all black and white – I was either “good” or “bad”.  I never really thought of fat loss as a state of progress with my health – neither physical or mental.   My weekly calls were looked at as either being cost effective because I “hit my numbers and lost weight” OR “I wasted money this week because I didn’t follow my coach’s recommendations”.

Looking back over the past few years; Sheri Lynn was my accountability, my mirror of choices, my voice of reason, my compassionate reality check, my health engineer, my holiday GPS, she helped me navigate through the season, she laughed her butt off (compassionately, from being able to relate at one point in her life) while I would detox wine, cheese and crackers.  She did this while guiding me back towards the beacon I had set sail for.

After listening to others speak harshly about their choices this past week or not feel worthy of self-care after indulging, I looked back through emails sent to Sheri.  I found one that I wrote to her JUST 2 years ago.  I decided to “take a break” because I felt bad I wasn’t following her recommendations, I thought I was wasting her time, I figured I had a good handle on things and would come back after the holidays, because I KNEW how those would go, it seemed like a waste of our time and money when I knew I wasn’t going to eat clean….little did I realize just how much that accountability really helped, whether I was nailing numbers or not.

She so graciously supported me, even when I came back 20 pounds heavier one and half months later and FULLY on board for changing my health and lifestyle around.  Self-care isn’t only about hitting macronutrients or exercising 3.5 days/week.   In addition to food, sometimes we’ll be advised to read a book, shut the computer down, spend time alone or pick up a yoga class.  Whatever we hear, it is helpful, our coach can see the other side of the fence that we sit upon….she knows because she has walked this path before me.

I encourage all of you amazing peeps right in the middle of caring for yourself to choose YOU this holiday, choose self-care, stick to your health.  I’ve said it before – there is not such thing as perfect, all we are looking for in ourselves is progress.  Enjoy the holidays, have fun, keep loving yourself to optimal health.  Start out 2014 better than you did 2013 or better than you sit today!  We all have put so much time and effort into changing our lives around, take it from me, it’s not fun starting January out 20 pounds heavier than you weighed on Thanksgiving 🙂

Cheers to Keeping it Healthy Through the Holidays this Year!

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