How We Roll: Coach David Cohen

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Photo on 3-19-13 at 1.38 PM13 months ago I wrote this same article – How We Roll. Reading where I was last year I am impressed at both how much I’ve changed and how much I have not! My outer goals have changed the most – but my internal feeling about them is almost identical.

Overall I can be pretty hard on myself, not necessarily by doing too much, but in how I feel about my progress. I’ll use this opportunity to give 2014 David a message, this may apply to you as well:

Be gentle on yourself. Don’t stop striving for what is important to you, but don’t punish yourself for your shortcomings. Instead offer encouragement and positive reinforcement, it works wonders on training the dogs for a reason!

We will see how that goes in one year. For now here is a day in the life…..

A typical Wednesday:

4:00 AM – arise, prepare household beverages, hang with the Mrs., and do some dog petting.

4:45 AM – prepare to-go breakfast for Sheri, more beverages, more petting

5:00 AM – meditate (NO petting!)

5:30 AM – Breakfast – Leftover chuck roast with spinach and 2 poached eggs. Prepare lunch (leftover chicken thighs, apple,  and a side of tuna just in case)

6:30 AM – email, writing, reading, some light research into current projects.

8:00 AM – dog time. Food, walks, petting, training.

9:00 AM – grooming, get ready to go.

10 AM – 6 PM – work in our store Genesis Kitchen, drink lots of olive oil, do my best to drink water too!

6:30 PM dinner – Yet more chuck roast (no complaints either!)

7:30 PM – some TV or movie, catch up with Sheri

8:30 – 9 PM – bedtime

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