RN Advice: Gratitude

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maseratiAs my focus and meditations has been on gratitude these last few months, my thoughts have centered on how grateful I am for my magnificent body.  It is not that I am buffed or without some excess body fat but what is glorious about my body is how it functions, signals me and responds to my input.

Not so long ago, I took my body for granted.  I expected it to function like a race car without properly fueling and maintaining this magnificent machine.  Looking back, I realize it performed exactly  as it was designed.  This incredible body turned on the check engine light of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, hormonal imbalance, fat storage, pain, crabbiness and decreased clarity.  This is EXACTLY what it was programmed to do – alert me to malfunctions in my lifestyle.  At the time, I was frustrated with these signals.

Think about this – how awesome is it that with stress, poor dietary intake or decreased calories, our bodies store fat.  This fat is  to make sure we have enough energy to keep up the crazy pace we subject it to and it also protects us by storing much of the toxins that we put in our mouths.   This keeps us relatively free of disease.  Wow what a safety mechanism that is.

The more I requested of my body, the more it attempted to perform however with great reluctance. Those other symptoms of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, pain and crabbiness were also my body signaling me that my race car needed attention.  Most of the time I just ignored these signals but it was relentless.  The signals never went away on their own and frankly usually got worse.

Finally, increasing my awareness, self care, and feeling of self-worth is when I learned what this magnificent machine needed – REST. proper FUEL, WATER, EXERCISE and ELEGANT THINKING.  With these 5 keys, this awesome organism functions at optimal health.  I offer a deep appreciation and gratitude for the creation and programming of this grand body.

Peggi Ingram, RN BSN, CPT
Genesis Transformation Coach
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