Watch This: Genetic Roulette

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WATCH THIS: Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives

2012, 1hr25min, NR

Directed by Jeffrey Smith

The documentary Genetic Roulette grabbed my attention from the beginning. This film explores Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, and their effect on our human population, as well as on animals that consume them.

Many different medical professionals offer their thoughts on why disease is rampant among the American population. The common link?  Our food.  In great detail, this film exposes hazards in our food supply and their detrimental effects on our bodies.

An outstanding portion of the film is its explanation of the ‘Roundup Ready Corn.’ This corn has been genetically modified to produce during the corn’s growth cycle the chemical Roundup. If an insect bites into the corn, that insect’s stomach explodes, killing it instantly. Yet the big companies producing this corn tell us it is perfectly harmless to the humans and animals that consume it!

Genetic Roulette has many astonishing examples like the one above. The film ends with a simple request to companies like Monsanto: Label GMO products and let consumers make the choice.

Their website offers several links to further GMO-related research that I found very interesting. The film also leaves the viewers with great hope along with suggestions on how to avoid GMO foods.

At the end of the film I realized how lucky I am to have found GT and changed my diet. What our coaches teach is right: Eat clean real whole foods to heal our bodies.

Coach Lyndsey Marshall


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