2 Very Pink Lines

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Week 29: Genesis lifestyle while pregnant.  Easy peasy, right?  Especially when you’ve been on a journey for some time before conceiving and really feel like you have your head wrapped around what you need to do and how to do it.  Right?  Wrong!   Sheri Lynn had warned me how difficult it can be to follow a clean diet through pregnancy but I didn’t really think it would be that bad since I hadn’t had any significant cravings with my first baby.  This pregnancy has really flipped the script on me.  To all the GT ladies that become blessed with a child on their journey, please stick with it.  That’s something I feel has really been difficult for me.  I gave up too easily and now I’m having the worst time getting my head wrapped around it.  While baby and I are both healthy (without medical issues), I feel that if I had stuck with GT during the nausea in the beginning, I’d be on a much higher road and I’d feel better throughout the day.

While I haven’t been so good about eating clean, I’ve taken some time to really reflect and I realized how grateful I am to have such an amazing support team for both my pregnancy, my life, and my Genesis journey.  I have constant encouragement to make better choices for myself and Miss Macklynn with both food and my thought processes.  With clean eating and a little cognitive remodeling comes a clean mind.  With a clean mind comes a happy life.  I’ve been blessed with tools to live a long, happy life.

I’m also grateful for all the changes GT has made for my husband.  From barely being able to walk a couple of months ago to, now, jumping over the railing on our front deck.  GT is helping my husband get his youth and mobility back that we feared was going to be short lived.  I could never be more grateful for my husband taking the leap of faith and starting his own Genesis journey.  Now it is up to me to take a tiny step and make some changes in the last 11 weeks of this pregnancy so that Macklynn has a healthy safe delivery and I am one step further into my journey.

By Amy Zimmerman, BSN, RN

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