Genesis Transformation Coach Training 2012 Concludes!

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October 4-6 in Tucson, AZ the 2012  Genesis Transformation Coach Training fully concluded with Level 3.

This intelligent, hopeful and hard working group of women inspired us with their ability to reach deep and take self responsibility to a whole new level.  We are very excited about what this batch of coaches will bring to GT!  Of all previous trainings, this is the first one in which every participant will be certified as Genesis Coaches.




These ladies learned to both trust and lean on each other, pulling together to reach further as a group.  It is constantly amazing what we can accomplish together, when we are in the powerful position of thinking of the greater good of Genesis Transformation as a whole.

Special ‘thankyous’ to Nettie Bell for these images, and to Diane Plante for sharing her homemade raw goats cheese (below)!








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