Wisdom’s Winding Road

Posted on September 30, 2012 by


“The more mistakes you make and the more you suffer, that is what gives you depth.”

-Susan Sarandon in the October More Magazine

This statement spoke volumes to me.  I just completed writing my GT Transformation story of my journey from 172 pounds to 133 pounds.  This journey did not happen in a few months; it was 3+ years!  I took many detours and side trips from my destination and while these could be called mistakes, I don’t see them as that at all.  These side trips from my goal taught me what works and what doesn’t. They brought on powerful detox symptoms and emotional rollercoaster rides. However, each detour brought me back to the path with determination and increase knowledge.  I felt relief to be free of physical suffering, felt mentally centered, and confident I was moving in the right direction.  

For those on your own journey or contemplating a journey – know that with each detour we gain a depth of knowledge of our own parameters and limits in the process.   A good way to look at this is like the car navigation system.  The GPS is the coach, guiding us on our trip.  When we detour from the plotted course, the coach says, “Recalculating” as she gently guides us back to the plotted route. During that side trip, we might have been blessed with a park undergoing beautiful changing colors or maybe even a poor ghetto neighborhood that inspires us to community service.

Never perceive these detours as mistakes but as unplanned trips that truly offer more learning opportunities than the direct path could have ever given us.  Embrace these detours with grace and return to your journey with increased understanding and determination.  The destination is that much more enjoyable with the increased experiences along the way!

Coach Peggi Ingram, RN