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I just love the weekends.  It is time to get away from the rat race of a 40+ work week as a pharmaceutical industry project manager and Genesis coach.  Every Friday afternoon from spring to fall, my husband and I pack up and head an hour north for a weekend on our boat. Fellow GT’er Kelly Elmer and her husband are our boat neighbors. Kelly and I plan shared meals during the week so we both don’t have to prepare and bring duplicate foods.

7:30 am – Saturday is my day to sleep in but I still set an alarm.  Dress in my work out clothes and make a large glass of lemon water.  Take my iPad with my meditation music and sunglasses up to the bridge of the boat for my 15 minutes of meditation.  This I never miss. Meditation with the warmth of the sunrise allows me to just breathe.   My shoulders relax, my breath calms, and the stress of the week evaporates.  Ahhhhh I am so grateful.  This is the life!

8:00 am – Put on my Vibrams, do some stretches and head out of the Marina with my ipod for a 20 minute HIIT along the lakeshore. Wave to Kelly as we pass on her way back from her cardio.  The breeze is so refreshing and watching the fishing boats bobbing on the horizon is a sight to be seen.  After my run,  I stop by the farmer’s market for some fresh produce or eggs to take back to the boat.

8:45 am – Back to the boat for some much needed hydration and chai tea.  Put the coffee on for my still snoozing hubby.  Take the iPad and tea/water out on the transom to catch up with facebook and cool down.  Chat with Kelly or fellow boaters passing by on the dock.  What a beautiful day.

9:00 am – Getting pretty hungry.  Make 5 eggs with mushrooms and spinach and an apple chaser.  Yummy!  By now the hubby is rolling out of the sack.  Make him some breakfast as well.  Start on another quart of water or much diluted green tea.

10:030 am – All cleaned up with major sunscreen already applied. Get one of our boats ready to go out for a cruise on the lake.  Make sure I have a snack and water ready too.  Looks calm today – we could go for miles.  Relax, Breathe.  Ahhhh

11:00 am – Eat a snack and grab another quart of water.  Thank goodness for heads on boats. Might have to stop and pump out on our way back in.

12:30 pm – We head back to the harbor for some lunch; large troughs of salad with avocado, chicken thighs and cinnamon pear balsamic.  Start on another quart of water.

2:00 pm –Dangle our feet or float around in the water.

3:00 pm – Time to snack on some ground turkey, salsa, homemade mayo and another quart of green tea.

5:00 pm – Walk into town for a little shopping, take the ‘dinghy’ up the river for a little cruise or continue vegging out on the dock enjoying the sunshine and camaraderie of fellow boater.  Have another quart of water or tea – need to stay well hydrated in the sun.

6:30 pm – Dinner of fajita marinated chicken and beef on the grill with another trough of salad, homemade guacamole, salsa and Spanish rice.

7:30 pm – Fellow GT coach, Katie Surjan and her husband swing by on their ‘dinghy’ for some conversation and evening faux cocktails of Pineapple Lychee Hibiscus tea with Berry LaCroix water.

10:30 pm – call it a night to do all over again tomorrow.  Life really doesn’t get any better than this.


Is it difficult to do GT while away from home every weekend? 

No Way! In fact, it makes it easier.  I have my menus planned during the week; prepare and pack my food on Friday afternoon and I am set.  No other decisions during the weekend.


Did you always have fellow GTers to support you?

Initially I was the only person doing GT for about 2 years.  It was different but not difficult.  I would prepare my own food separately and a dish for the combined dinners with other boaters which was always enjoyed by them. Even today, my husband and son do not follow GT exclusively however they eat the food I prepare.

How do you weight train?

If I have not planned my week to do my weight training during the week, I have 10 pound free weights on the boat and work out on the dock. It is easy to do ‘hill climbs’ on the ramps, lunges, squats, arm/chest work as well as ab work.

How do you get in your workouts in inclement weather?

If the weather is cold or rainy, Kelly and I will head over to the ‘Y’ just 2 blocks away and hit the treadmill/elliptical and free weights.

What advice would you give others for summer travel?

Plan, Plan, Plan. I can not stress that enough.  Plan the food, prepare it, take it and eat it. Do not rely on the future self to know what foods you should have or eat.  If we have no plan, we set ourselves us to fail.  Simple as that.  And finally – Enjoy, Relax, Have fun.  It is good for the soul!



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