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Kelly and Hubby

Honestly, this last year as been a real challenge for me.  My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly in Nov ’10 and then my own father passed away in Oct ’11.  Dealing with my grief and the grief of my loved ones was difficult.  Unfortunately I let that little devil on my shoulder win a few times too often.   This last holiday season was especially difficult.  Addictions I forgot I even had reared their ugly heads.  Luckily I have worked hard to get through this, and after much detox, I am getting back on the right track.  I thought I’d share a day with you when I was struggling.  We are not perfect, and sometimes it takes a lot just to get through the day…clean.

5:45 – Alarm goes off.  I’m supposed to get up and go out to the gym.  It’s just in the garage…not that far to go.   But I’ve got a headache… again.  Maybe a little more sleep will make it go away.   Husband gets up to work out without me.  I suck.

6:45  – Second alarm goes off.  I have to get up this time.  Get up and head straight for the coffee.  Coffee, homemade hemp milk, and 1 scoop GT protein powder.  Tastes perfect.  Listen to how awesome my husband’s work out was.  Proud of him, feel guilty for me.

7:15 – Head for the shower & get ready for work.  Hop on the scale and smile because only one more pound until the holiday errors are gone.  (well, weight wise, anyway)

7:30 – Start poaching 4 eggs for breakfast and make lunch (usually leftover steak, elk burger or chicken thighs that I made over the weekend and salad or an apple)

7:55 – Drive to work.  Drink water on the way.

9:00 – Settled in at work, ready for another cup of coffee w/protein powder.  Fill up my ½ gallon container of water at the water cooler.  Listen to all the guys give me a bad time about taking all of the cold water.  Whiners.

11:00 – Eat my poached eggs.  Yum.

12:00  – Head to the front office to discuss something of utmost importance, I am sure, and see the candy jar… full of chocolate.  We have to have chocolate bars because the guys like them.  I close the open bag and stuff it into a drawer, then manage to walk away….yeah me!  Go guzzle water because I’m sure I’m behind at this point.  Then, pop a piece of Spry gum – that way I really won’t put anything bad in my mouth.

1:00 – Lunch time… I eat while I work at my desk – too busy to actually sit and enjoy my meal, which is fabulous by the way.  I really love my food.  (Can you hear the chocolate up front calling me?)

3:00 – Walk to the back room to discuss another world-changing matter – and see that someone brought goodies left-over from the holidays.  Yeah.  I ask around to see who, if anyone, plans to eat it.  Then, I place it in their office and shut the door.  I am powerful.  And, maybe a little moody….

4:30 – On the dot.  Get out.  Or…I’ll never be able to leave.  I’m really sick of these people today.

4:45 – Home.  I’m feeling better, headache has subsided – probably because I managed to stay clean regardless of all of the temptations – so I’m going to work out.  Yeah Me!!  Eat a few bites of protein before I head out there.

5:00 – Thankful for my home gym, or I’d probably talk myself out of driving somewhere to work out, because it’s almost dinner, you know.  Plug in a Yoga DVD.  Drink more water.

6:00 –  Feeling a little crappy after Yoga.  Wow.  I am REALLY detoxing.

6:30 –  Dinner – BIG salad, homemade vinaigrette dressing, lots of chopped veggies, avocado and grilled steak.  More water.  Feeling much better.  Great, in fact.

7:00 –9:30 –  Home office time – do some bookkeeping for my husband’s business or one of the other “projects” I haven’t been able to say NO to.  Then try to unwind with a little TV before bed.  Talk my husband into rubbing my neck and shoulders – that’s got to be where these headaches are coming from…right?

9:30– Succumb to the fact that I’m tired, and as long as it’s after 9, it’s ok to go to bed.  Lay there and set my intention for tomorrow. Congratulate myself for getting through the day unscathed.   I did good today.  I’ll be even better tomorrow.   Read until 10 or so then….zzzzzzzz


What was your greatest challenge when you began your Transformation? 

I think my greatest challenge was figuring out what to eat – I was so used to eating junk that I really didn’t know what “clean” food was!

What kept you going?

Seeing the drastic changes in my health – and then wanting to set an example for the people that I love that struggle with health issues.  And…the support from the Genesis community.

What advice would you give someone just starting aTransformation? 

Listen, read, and learn.  What really made me “get it” was when I really understood WHY clean eating works.  I read every article Genesis posted, researched my questions, obnoxiously quizzed my coach and really tried to get as much info into my stubborn brain that I could.  It really helps to have an understanding of the science behind it all.

What aspect of Transformation continues to challenge you?

I think keeping myself #1 on my priority list is my biggest challenge.  Letting my busy life and other distractions creep into my time therefore putting my self-care in the backseat..  I constantly have to remind myself that if I don’t take care of ME, I’m no good for anyone else!

How has Transformation improved your Life? 

Way too many ways to list!  My health has improved dramatically, I am more active than I ever have been, I am much happier and I am enjoying life!  I love not being self-conscious of my body – I don’t hide from the camera anymore!   My favorite though, is the way I have helped my close family and friends understand the benefits of clean eating.

What is your current favorite food or meal?

I’m on a poached egg kick right now.  With a little cracked pepper…yum!.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner…doesn’t matter to me!!  And avocados – I eat them every day.

Do you have a current favorite way to work out? 

Right now, Yoga is serving me well.  It’s taken me a long time to appreciate the benefits of yoga, but I think I’m really starting to “get it”.  The great thing is, no matter how you are feeling – whether you want a butt-kicking workout, or if you just want an easy day, yoga can fit the bill.

What’s your favorite workout music? 

My son turned me onto Alternative Rock – Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Red, 10 Years.   It has really grown on me.  It’s not super fast, so it’s at a perfect pace for jogging, and the driving beat really keeps me going.  It’s also great for weight-lifting because once in a while they scream at you…it’s like having a hard-core trainer! (ha ha)

 Do you have any goals for the next year? 

I really want to kick butt in 2012.  Having dealt with quite a bit of loss in this last year – really makes me realize how important the “Elegant Thinking” portion of our program is.  Sadness can really get in the way of fat loss..and I’m ready to set a course for joy.

 What inspires you? 

My family inspires me.  I have been happily married for 21 years, and I have two great kids.  Watching them grow up and become adults – seeing the kind of people they are becoming, watching them overcome their struggles and seeing how ambitious they are…then realizing that we, as parents,  actually managed to not screw them up.   That’s very cool.   I’m inspired to keep on this path of Genesis because I see how much there is in store for us. It’s limitless…  and I really want to be around to enjoy it!

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