A Valentine To Me

Posted on January 29, 2012 by


Happy Valentines Day. 

Coach Michele John

We often equate this day, and even the month of February, with love.  Most people will be busy exchanging cards, flowers and candy to show their love and affection to those in their lives. I am departing from this ritual and I have decided to take this month to deepen my love for ME.  Yes, you read correctly.  I am using the month of February to fall deeply, madly and passionately in love with myself.  Now, before you say (as I initially did to myself!), “well, isn’t she full of herself”, take a moment to think about this.  How many of us put so much effort into making others feels loved, valued, appreciated, and so on?   I know I did.  How many of us put that same energy into allowing ourselves to be truly loved, valued and appreciated by ourselves and others?  I know I didn’t.

Yes, what we shovel in our mouths has a profound impact on our fat loss.  So also does what we shovel around in our heads – like our GT motto “what the mind believes, the body achieves”.  If I don’t believe I am worthy, value or love myself enough to believe I deserve the outcome of all of this work, then I will never fully achieve the results I set out for the day I started GT.  The self-doubt or sabotage that comes from not fully loving myself and not believing in my own worth, uniqueness and strengths only stands in the way of truly achieving all that I deserve to have in life and the GT process.

When we don’t love ourselves fully and choose to hold ourselves back in order to make others around us feel loved, comfortable, valued and important, we truly only discount and devalue ourselves in the process.  We would never want that to happen to those we love, so why would we allow it to happen to ourselves?

Join me by falling in love – by taking each day this month and embrace, celebrate and own our individual amazing qualities.   Let’s do this without apology or excuse!

Coach Michele John

Jackson, WY