Reflections on Gratitude

Posted on October 30, 2011 by


Gratitude is the blending of the words “Grateful” and “Attitude”.   To walk around and acknowledge what you have in life and let that feeling come back out in your spirit and energy.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is easy to get lost and fail to notice the many blessings each of us have.  Twenty years ago, when I moved to Jackson Hole, I can’t tell you how much of my day was spent being in awe of the natural beauty around me, the amazing wildlife, friendly people, etc.  It didn’t take long before I became callous to it all and I would fail to notice something truly wondrous.   Every so often, I would see an amazing sunset or sunrise, the kind that makes a person stop and stare, and it would dawn on me it was God’s way of saying…slow down and recognize where you live and be grateful for it. At the same moment I am viewing an amazing display in nature, someone else is stuck in a traffic jam staring at the back end of a semi!

When life gets challenging, I stop and account for the things I am grateful for.  This shifts my thinking for a period of time.  I encourage you to take a minute every day and state out loud the things you are grateful for.   It is a great way to start your day!  Some days it may be that you are just grateful you didn’t spill coffee on your white blouse.  Regardless, be grateful for it, smile, and let that feeling sink in.   You will be amazed at how your overall attitude changes and those around you will notice it too!  

Coach Michele John