Sheri’s Workouts: Dynamic Quads

Posted on July 17, 2011 by


This is a fantastic leg workout – specifically the quads and targeting that nice outer sweep of that muscle, which gives such great shape to the legs.  This workout can be done anywhere with only a 2 x 4 (or rock), dumbells, medicine balls (used here), rocks,  or kettlebells.  There’s a fun chest exercise in the middle to stir things up.

Remember to warm up really well first – at least 10 minutes of easy movement, like a brisk walk or some easy calisthenics.

Perform these 4 moves with precision: a tight core, attention to alignment and move with awareness.  David shows you how in these videos.  Do each exercise for reps listed, and go through the sequence 3 to 4 times.

FRONT TO BACK LUNGES – with an overhead press and a bicep curl.  Step to the front in a full lunge with an overhead press, lift back into a knee lift, and come back into reverse lunge w/ bicep curl.  Tight core for balance.  Do 8 reps on one side before switching sides.

PUSH UP THROW AWAYS – do this off a bench, table, rock, steady fit ball, floor, whatever!  Clap 3 times before coming into your next pushup – coming down to your chest before explosively pushing out again.

SKATER LUNGES WITH PLYO JUMPS – do 4 perfectly formed skaters (side lunges with a flat back) and then 10 quick plyo jumps before the next set of 4 skater.  Repeat 4 times for the set – so for each set you’ll do 10 plyo jumps 4 times (that’s 40 plyo’s per set).

QUAD SQUATS – feet together with heels elevated about 2 inches – David is doing that here with a rock.   A 2×4 works perfectly for more stability.  Use a heavy kettlebell or dumbells on the shoulders or at the chest.  Come low and drive up with the hips –  do it 10 times for the set.