What’s it Like to Get Naked?

Posted on July 3, 2011 by


Coach Peggi Ingram

No, I am not talking about naked as in no clothes (however anything is possible) – I am referring to putting ourselves, our fears, our doubts, and our beliefs to the test and working with a GT coach to reach our goals.

 Going ‘naked’ is not easy for most of us.  We have put guards up to protect ourselves from our hurts and failures.  We don’t want to show our ignorance or weakness in front of others but when we start this journey we have put our trust and faith in someone we may not know and someone who is testing our own belief system to the maximum.

Having a coach is like talking to your mom (sorry Sheri – I know you are not old enough to be my mom, but you are very wise!), you can tell her anything and she is going to listen.  She may not like what she hears but she will listen.  She will answer your questions, even if it is the same one you asked every week for the last 6 months.  She knows what is best for you and gently guides you to a path that will help you reach that goal; steering you back on path when you wander.  She will let you fall down but will be there to help pick you back up. She will offer support when you are down or frustrated and dish out some tough love as well.  She knows this path is one you must be responsible for and do with loving guidance.

This journey requires us to face our fears, our truths and question our beliefs. Going ‘naked’ is freeing.  It releases us from those fears and beliefs that are keep us from achieving our goals. Trust in the process and in your success!  Go NAKED!