Jan’s Journey – March

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Another month…another 4lbs of fat gone…another 40 articles of clothing sent
to the Goodwill. My fat loss continues to amaze people and I get so many
comments about how skinny I am.  This seems so absurd to me.  But other people
really think I am skinny.  I LOVE IT!   I have only 14lbs to go to my goal.  I
can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.   Besides being “skinny”
now and being healthier, I am also playing better golf.  That is a nice bonus.
It is definitely easier to swing with out those big boobs in my way!

The biggest change I see in my body is my shoulders.  I didn’t know I had a collar
bone and such…never saw them before!  Also I can feel the tops of my hip
bones…weird…didn’t know they were there!

My exercising has really helped my fat loss and I really enjoy it.  I do cardio 3 out of every 4 days and take various exercise classes 3-4 days a week as well.  I am lucky that I live in a
retirement community with a wonderful gym and lots of classes to chose from.

This has really been an amazing process and well worth all of the hard work and
“won’t power”.  I am truly proud of myself for not being tempted to cheat.  The
results are worth it.

I do find shopping for clothes a bit overwhelming though…so much to chose from!  I don’t really like to shop that much and now that I have so many choices, I find myself just picking up a few things at Costco because they don’t have that many choices there.. It is easier.  I am so
used to going into the corner to look for Plus Sizes that having whole stores full of clothes to choose from is just too much for me!  I guess I will get used to it!!

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