Jan’s Journey – November/December

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November was an interesting month.  My weight continued it’s ups and downs  fora couple of weeks until Samantha suggested I do a fruit flush to  rid my body of the toxins from the various protein powders and  stevia products that I had been trying since we determined I  couldn’t use the whey  protein anymore.  The fruit flush worked great and I finally  lost 5 pounds.  YIPPEE!  I am now back in rotation and feeling fine  and hoping to continue losing at the 1 pound a week rate again  soon.  I have been going to lots of exercise classes and the inches are  definitely going somewhere! I am now wearing size 12!  I haven’t worn size 12 in over 45 years. This is new uncharted territory for me.  I  can even wear size Medium tops…now that is really bizarre!  But I  like it.  Lots of people who haven’t seen me for 6 months are  shocked when they see the new me!  I must admit, I look a lot  smaller than I did a year ago.  I also cleaned out my closet and  gave more than 120 items to the Goodwill.  I am not keeping ANY fat clothes anymore.  I always did in the past because in the back of my  mind, I figured I would need them again because I always gained  back what I lost and then some.  But now I am down 55 lbs and I am  NOT going back up…therefore I am tossing clothes left and right!

My cardiologist is THRILLED with my weight loss.   I used to  dread going to the doctor’s and getting weighed, but this time I was  very happy to step on the
scale!  Now that really was a new  experience that I enjoyed!  Unfortunately, I’m not healthy enough yet to stop my A-fib incidents though.  I had another one in December and it lasted 3 days and I gained 3 pounds!  That will come off soon and I can get back to losing fat.

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