Sheri’s Rants # 49: Deprivation and Perspective

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Folks with dieting histories tend to talk about deprivation quite a bit. That’s because historically diets are about eating a very limited range of (frequently non-) foods, and eating very little.   So between the hunger of a suffering metabolism and the limited range of food choices, all sorts of negative emotion comes up.   It’s an un-natural path for your body and your head knows it.

After years of messing around with dieting, we start applying the ‘deprivation’ label to mean anything that we want to stuff into our faces and ‘aren’t supposed to’.   We feel deprived if we don’t eat the thing, and ashamed if we do!  Nasty little unproductive dynamic, there.

The TRUE definition of ‘deprivation’ is: the lack or denial of something considered to be a necessity. This is certainly the case with a severe lack of calories and limited foods, because your body is starving – and real food in a wide range IS A NECESSITY for healthy metabolic functioning.

Is a cookie a necessity? Candy? Soda? Tortilla chips? Chemically infused faux foods? No.  Not physically. These things actually HARM your body – they are, in fact, the absolute opposite of necessity.  (I know, I know, I hear it all the time – a cookie IS a necessity…and hey, so is meth to some folks, okay?  Drugs is drugs, whether it’s sugar, meth, alcohol or whatever.)

So what in us is demanding these things, and stomping our feet and tossing our hair and whining about deprivation? ADDICTION. In the early stages of a transformation process, we’re dealing with a LOT of addiction. Hence the whining and hair tossing.

There is a WIDE range of God-given foods in this country that most of the world do not have access to. In this country, we have a CHOICE about eating shit, or eating real food.  Many of us are still choosing shit.  With all this abundance at our feet, we are the unhealthiest nation on the planet and obesity is killing us faster than car accidents or smoking.  Deprivation?  Hardly.

Here is what deprivation is: the lack of health because we’re eating faux foods that actually deprive our bodies of nutrition. A spinning, stressed out brain that can’t decipher what is good for me and what is not. Taking pharmacueticals because we insist on eating shit. Depression because our brains are screaming for true nutrition and we keep jacking our adrenals around on sugar and chemicals. Irritation. Anger. Discontent. Being pissed at ourselves because we look the way we do. Shame. A clogged – up liver that can no longer process all the crap. High blood pressure, whacked out hormones, thyroid issues, high cholesterol…
THAT’S DEPRIVATION. Depriving yourself of your inherent right to health – now THAT is something to get worked up about.

Once you experience what real nutrition feels like, once you experience the vibrant joy of increased health, ‘deprivation’ takes on a whole new meaning. But you have to do the work of attending to yourself, you have to get there by there making new choices, you have to take one day at a time.

Keep eating.

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