Tips for Holiday Thriving

Posted on December 15, 2010 by


Erin Sabin, Genesis Transformation coach and personal trainer

I work with a woman, a personal training client, who often challenges me but because of the challenges
she poses, I am always learning. She will “never be able to do Genesis” and has tried without success
several diets over the course of our time together. Along with her weight issues, she experiences a
steady string of health issues, the most recent being digestive.

She is chalking up her digestive problems to food she “has” to eat at holiday events. These digestive
issues are not making her holiday season enjoyable and got me to thinking of ways to get through the
holidays with grace and joy.

In my mind, the holiday season is all about having fun, enjoying all the gifts that life gives us and those
that we get to share them with. Having an upset stomach or feeling down doesn’t leave much room for
getting the most out of the holidays. We are not able to bring joy to those we love if we are not feeling
joyful about ourselves. With that in mind, my advice is to think of a list of tips and tools to help you sail
through the next few weeks. My own list looks like this…

2. Get workouts done as close to first thing in the morning as possible, the high from exercise
lasts the rest of the day!
3. Be prepared! Have clean food always available and on hand; it is fun to be spontaneous and
successful at the same time.
4. The “affirmation alphabet”…start with the letter A and work through the alphabet coming
up with as many positive personal attributes as possible for each letter.
5. Get some fresh air. A brisk walk or even a few minutes of deep breaths are great reset
6. Be kind. Be kind to everyone (including YOU)! Making you a priority will ultimately benefit
those around you!
7. Have fun!

As we enter into the final holiday countdown, take some time to create a personal holiday survival list,
reference it when you are feeling vulnerable and bask in your strengths! Enjoy your days to the fullest
and be kind to yourself!