Sheri’s Rants #47: Go Fast, Get Nowhere Quicker

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“Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.” Charles Kuralt

The brilliant thing about the interstate system is, of course, the speed of travel.  No stoplights, pedestrian traffic, bike lanes, or tractors.  The speed limit is consistent and high.  Gas stations are readily available.  Faux food is consistent, cheap, and does not vary from fast food and junk.  Caffeine is easily obtainable.  Chain hotels complete with consistent decor abound.  There will be few surprises, not much scenery, and you will be rarely required to interact with another human outside of your vehicle.  You can arrive at a new destination in the same state of mind and body in which you left (maybe worse, depending on how much faux food you stuffed down!)

In our culture we tend to expect many things in life to work this way.  Particularly fat loss!  Give me the pill, the diet, the surgery – get me where I want to be without process, introspection, or pesky accountability.  Let the food be cheap, convenient, and impersonal – I don’t want to hear or think about it.  Just show me that 30 lb drop on the scale.  Fast.  Forget the journey – what a pain in the ass!  Do not even start with me on my responsibility to the messy state of my body!  You can arrive at your scale goal no better off than when you started, and worse – depending on the mindless path you chose in the interest of speed.

The holiday season is another one.  Face it – you’ve already got a bulging to-do list.  You already struggle to make time to take care of yourself.  With the holidays you’re facing a marathon of activities, negotiations and juggling for the next few weeks.  The flurry, the financial stress, the intense shopping,  spending what you don’t even have.  Parties to give or arrive at, cards to send, decor to attend to, playing the role of caregiver, nurturer, exemplary host, peacekeeper, logistical coordinator and cook… all drastically increasing your stress.  The real source of stress may be augmented by your expectations that this is supposed to be fun, but only if you do it right.  You can arrive at the New Year no better off – not filled with love, light, and the peace of the season but possibly depressed, anxious, and exhausted.

Consider taking the back roads this year. The scenic drive.  Choose to arrive better off – enriched with new perspectives, filled with wonder, healthier, stronger, kinder, more compassionate, closer to those you love and excited about your journey.  I promise you won’t regret the time it takes!

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