Jan’s Journey: October 2010

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Another month…..another 4 lbs dropped…YEAH!  But the big news is fitting
into size 14 pants…and that is every pair of size 14 pants that I tried on!
This is amazing since I haven’t worn a size 14 for 45 years! I know clothes are
bigger now than they used to be but I am still thrilled to be in a size 14!  And
when a friend I haven’t seen for 4 months asked me how my “diet” was going, I
responded with “Well my lifestyle change has allowed me to lose 46 pounds!” She
asked if I was going to keep going to lose more weight and I responded “Oh
yeah….because I am still fat but now I am just overweight…I am not obese
That is really a milestone for me!

So September was a good month and I did cheat this month.  I had a glass of wine to celebrate my Mother’s 90th
birthday and I did gain weight.  It took me over a week to get back on the
losing track but celebrating with my Mom was worth it!  So my lesson this month
was never underestimate the power of a little alcohol.  It can really sabotage
my progress.

Jan! 47 lbs down...

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