Body/Mind Perspective – Seated Side Twist

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Seated Side Twist

Seated Side Twist

1)    Sit on the floor with your legs in a simple, cross-legged position and extend your spine upward nice and tall.

2)    Place your left hand, palm down, on top of the right knee.

3)    Place your right hand, palm down, on the floor behind your right hip to prop yourself up.

4)    As you inhale, extend your spine upward.

5)    As you exhale, twist your torso and head to the right.

6)    Hold twist for 6-8 breaths.

7)    Repeat on the opposite side.


-Cleans out discs and helps keep them firm and supple.

-Massages the internal organs, such as your intestines and kidneys.

-Stimulates the inner “fire” of digestion.

-Stretch and strengthen the muscles of your back and abdomen.