Women’s Expo – Flathead Valley, MT

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Jamie Lynn

Success at the Women’s Expo

In November we had our first ever Women’s Expo in the Flathead Valley, and it was a huge success.  Samantha and I had an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with many new faces here in Kalispell.  Our task was to explain the GT process in 3 minutes or less, and as many of you know from your own attempts, this is not easy feat.  Our focus was on health based fat loss.

Our booth was situated in an aisle with many  “Diet” programs.  One woman commented on the before and after pictures we had hanging in the booth:

“There are at least 3 other weight loss programs here, with many before and after pictures.  But, I do not want to look like them, I want to look like you!”

What a complement to our program, we know we promote HEALTH, and it is always great to hear that from a total newbie to our process.  Our focus as Genesis Transformation Coaches is to promote health; we offer no special foods or pills; only real food and exercise.

A special thanks to Erin Sabin for helping us at the expo and also to all the GT Women who stopped by our booth to show their support.

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