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Holiday “TO DO” List
Rather than just “survive” this holiday season, may you “thrive” throughout it.  There will be, no doubt, a few stressors that blow in with the holiday cheer, but with all that you have learned during your Genesis Transformation process, you are well equipped to handle any challenges that may arise.  Below is a list of a few things “to do” this season that just may help you feel a little more sure-footed about stepping into the season.
•     DO take the time to recognize all that you have accomplished over the past year and hold firm to your commitment to the new lifestyle that you have adopted.  You have been working hard all year to instill new, healthier habits into your life – don’t toss them in light of a few holiday parties or family gatherings.

•    DO have some inspirational literature on hand to assist you in your “less than inspired” moments or before you walk into any situation that may tempt you to stray from your new found path.   The support forum is a great outlet for sharing frustrations and successes during the season.

•    DO manage holiday stressors with your favorite activities and workouts.

•    DO get creative with your family recipes.  Cooking cleanly is no reason not to enjoy prepping holiday meals.   Get your family involved, so they can learn by “doing”.

•    DO be prepared with a healthy dish that you can enjoy when attending social gatherings or be sure to eat a clean meal before you arrive.   No plan is a plan to fail.

•    DO give yourself a permission or two to enjoy a small serving of something you really enjoy that may not be on the top of the “clean eating list”, but set boundaries for yourself and stick to them!

•    DO be an inspiration to your family and friends by walking the talk.  Undoubtedly many of them have heard about your Genesis process, so now is the perfect time to show them what living this lifestyle actually means!

•    DO treat yourself with respect and love this season, which is really what Genesis is all about.  You SO deserve it!

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