Flathead Valley, MT Residents – An ‘Alternate Root’ New Year!

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The New Year is often a time to reconsider our fitness program or, at the very least, to contemplate introducing one. It is common knowledge that exercising and eating a healthy

well-balanced diet are two of the most important factors contributing to long-term health; however, implementing these things in a way that can be sustained for life can be so overwhelming and confusing that many opt for a “quick fix” that is, ultimately, destined to fail. Jamie Lynn and Courtney Townley, the owners of a new fitness facility called Alternate Root, believe the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology combined with a “step by step” approach to establishing new habits.

Alternate Root offers training with experienced and certified instructors in private, small group and large group settings. In addition, Alternate Root utilizes an on-line, food journaling and coaching program called Genesis Transformation, to educate clients on fat loss principals and healthy lifestyle skills. Through the use of alternative fitness modalities, ones that allow clients to eventually workout on their own at home, trainers at Alternate Root teach their clients how to create workout programs that are safe, fun and effective. Lynn and Townley strongly believe that in order for long term health to be achieved, clients must assume responsibility for their health, implement new skill sets into their life and, perhaps most importantly, enjoy the journey of reaching their fitness goals.

A lifetime of good health is dependant on many factors including: diet, exercise and stress management. Alternate Root prides itself on offering clients education on all of these components. If you are interested in giving your existing fitness program a boost or just looking for more information on how to start a fitness program call 756-7668 or attend the informational meeting on January 7th at 5:30pm. Alternate Root is located at 36 2nd Street East (just inside the KM building).

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