Holiday Giving!

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How to Balance Giving with Receiving this Holiday Season

Often our holidays are filled with the hustle and bustle and lots of giving, giving, and more giving. We give not just gifts but our valuable time and energy as well. Giving feels good and is healthy for our hearts and spirits. Where it becomes unhealthy or unbalanced is when this time of year finds you rundown, overwhelmed and stressed out. Often this leads to getting off track, cheating, and then the feelings of remorse and guilt set in. This time of year our ego minds can enjoy indulging in making a million excuses that can lead us to cheat. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “Excuses are like noses, we all have one”. Make a conscious choice to enjoy this holiday season of giving from a centered and balanced place without the excuses. How can you accomplish this you might ask? Allow yourself to receive by giving a gift to yourself, the gift of self-care. Receive this gift to yourself wholeheartedly and with a deep sense of gratitude for your life and health. Invite this balance of giving and receiving into your life so that you can feel your absolute best and enjoy the true pleasures this season has to offer.

A list of gift ideas for your WORTHY self to receive:

1) Eat clean, you will feel better and be more capable of handling the busyness


2) Get plenty of sleep
3) Receive a massage
4) Take a yoga class or practice yoga and/or meditation at home
5) Write in your journal
6) Practice deep breathing throughout your day
7) Prepare and pre-plan for your success in attending parties
8) Take a bath
9) Go on a walk
10) Make a list of all that you are grateful for in your life
11) LET GO of the excuses that no longer serve your highest good

Your body and mind will be extremely grateful for receiving these gifts of self-love and care. Living from this place of balance will allow you to be more centered, less reactive and less stressed. Guess what this will do for your physical body? It will allow your hormones to be balanced and support you in dropping fat!! This holiday season I encourage you to be mindful the next time the excuses surface. Do not sabotage your self, you are responsible for your actions. Stand in your truth, genuinely listen to your body and then ask yourself, “Is it my ego or my higher self that honestly wants the cookie?” I know and trust that your internal wisdom will guide you in the right direction. Keep in mind that our bodies are a gift from our source. They are our soul’s temple and meant to be cherished. We must care for them with great respect, appreciation, love, nourishment, and nurturing.

Samantha Gilman is a Genesis Coach and ACE certified personal trainer.

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