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Yesterday I was talking to Sonia, a woman in her early 50’s who wants her health and fitness back.  Sonia says that since she turned 40, she has gotten fatter and fatter and there is nothing she can do to stop it.  She’s tried ‘all’ the diets, she has been on prescribed drugs, she has ‘cleansed’ and fasted and exercised to the point of exhaustion.  The weight keeps piling on.  She said she knows it’s just because she’s getting older and her body is breaking down, and that she realizes she just has to accept a lot of that but she doesn’t want to end up like her mother, who is unable to care for herself.  Finally, she wants to know if there is hope for her.  She knows some of our clients and is impressed with what she has seen.

At this point I drew a deep breath.  This is a conversation I’ve had many, many times.  As humans, we are very separated from the reality of our bodies, the function of our bodies, and the care of our bodies.  We are very interested in taking care of our cars, our houses, our money, our pets, our children and spouses, our jobs… yet know very little about the practical aspects of taking care of our own bodies!

Understand that your body is a complicated machine.  It has many levels of functionality in a very systematic system.  It has glands, blood circulation, breathing apparatus, heart beat pulsation, a brain, nervous system, endocrinal system, and a hormonal system.  Your body is a functional system.  As a functional system, it requires care.  It requires cleaning, tuning, fuel, movement, rest, and attention.

This body houses you.  It moves you around, it determines your moods, it is capable of miracles.  It takes in food, uses what it needs, and excretes the waste in a wondrous maze of plumbing and chemical reactions.  At any moment in time, there are complicated processes occurring that you rarely even consider.

We frequently spend our youth playing havoc with our bodies through a lack of meeting basic fueling needs and neglect of our chemical processes through the ingestion of drugs and alcohol, fast food, sugar, etc.  We play mischief with the physical body.  And when we begin to age, the body has us paying for the playing.  Not simply because of ‘age’, but because of the history of abuse.

You see, it’s not that it’s ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ for your body to degenerate at a certain age.  Your body is built to last a long, long time and in good health.  What determines when your body will balk at abuse (as well as what your body will view as abuse) is the personality of your physical constitution.  Some people with begin to degenerate much younger than others.  Some will ‘look good’ and then be struck, seemingly out of the blue, with a terminal disease.  Men in their 40’s-50’s suddenly keeling over from a heart attack after a nice long run, having run their entire adult lives, has their friends and family perplexed.  “He was really healthy”, I’ve heard folks say, “and could eat anything he wanted.  Then one day, he was gone!”  No one can ‘eat anything they want’ and not suffer some consequence at some point, no matter what you look like on the outside.  The body is a chemical machine with very fine functioning, and nothing goes un-noticed.

“I don’t know how many times you can go through the red light.  Forget about the policeman, I am talking about the accident.”    Yogi Bhajan

So what happened with Sonia is that she was negligent with her self care most of her life, and then her body got her attention by beginning to break down.  As she desperately dieted and pilled and fasted and over used her body, it resisted the further abuse by gaining more and more fat.  Her chemical makeup was literally working against her.

The body will give you cues that it is getting ready to break down.  It will start exhibiting aches and pains, leaks in the system –  hormonal imbalance or blood sugar disturbances, high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalances, immune system issues, weight gain, and then move on to diseases.  If you do not stop and tend to the body in the early stages (frequently people begin medicating all the early symptoms) then the body will work harder to get your attention.  Once the big diseases hit, there is no going back.

But it doesn’t have to go that way!  You can, at any point, turn your system around by tending to your body.

At that juncture, many times folks will complain about how much work that is.  That it is ‘hard work’ to eat healthy, to exercise, to drink water, to stop drinking alcohol, etc.  Yes, yes it is.  It’s also harder to wash your car when you’ve driven it around in rain and mud and haven’t washed it for a couple months.  If you want a clean car, then you suck it up and do it.  If you want a healthy body, then you suck it up and do what it takes.

Or not.

Once in a while someone will balk at the cost of healthy food, or hiring fitness help, or joining a gym.  You know what’s expensive?  Cancer.  Diabetes.  Renal failure.  Heart disease.

Finally, many clients are despairing that they cannot eat what they used to, that their bodies will no longer tolerate favorite abuses.  Yes, that is the body past the point of simple repair and into the need for major regeneration.  If you keep doing what you have always done, you get what you have always had.

It takes a special individual that is brave enough and has the courage to really regenerate their body.  To transform.  It is truly possible, at any age, to transform yourself into a state of health that you have never experienced before.  It’s magical, it’s miraculous, and it’s easy.  Does it take attention?  Absolutely.  But you will never neglect your body again.  You will learn to value it and to care for it.

Sonia is on board for change.  She will do it with a simple plan of eating healthily and moving around sanely.  No crazy supplements, no magic pills, no special equipment.

Life is good.  Respect your body, and love your soul.  It’s never too late.

Have fun,

Sheri Lynn

Sheri Lynn

Sheri Lynn

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