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Run Time: 104 minutes
Directors: Pedram Shojai & Mark van Wijk

Origins brings a person back to their truest form connecting with nature, sustainability, and nutrition. The directors, Shojai and Wijk challenge that the key to survival for both the human race and the planet can only be understood by looking back to the origins of the human species nearly 200,000 years ago. In this documentary the filmmakers along with a host of well known health experts describe how we have evolved and developed through the use of technology in a way that has been both helpful and detrimental to the human race.

Origins shows us that the power to reverse the tide of devastation, for both our bodies and the well-being of the planet, is as simple as eating clean foods, rejecting a sedentary lifestyle, and embracing a sustainable interaction with nature.

“So many people are either unaware of the mounting damage to our health from the destruction of the environment or feel guilty that they aren’t doing better. Origins shines a much-needed spotlight on the root cause of our health crisis and, most importantly, empowers us with simple ways we can make a real difference.”
Sara Gottfried, M.D

“The Origins Summit reveals what the food industry and chemical companies don’t want you to know – that it’s not too hard, expensive or inconvenient to eat and live in ways that support your long-term health or the long-term health of our planet. Those are lies.”
Mark Hyman, M.D.

Happy Watching!

Jenny Carr (GT Coach)

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