Trusting the Infinity

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JennyWe are Genesis Transformers! We are transforming our lives day in and day out. Every new moment in our lives is a new opportunity to transform! Transforming is defined as: to change the nature, function, or condition of; metamorphous. We are changing our nature of thinking, of habits, and of choices that empower us! We are changing the way our body functions– creating a foundation of health! We are conditioning our bodies to be strong and powerful. What an AMAZING gift we have given ourselves! Our transformations pertain to both the mental and physical worlds. And, it is the mental metamorphosis that has most recently impacted me on a seismic scale!

I have been a middle school teacher for nearly 10 years. I LOVE to teach, and envisioned myself working with kids and teaching until the day I permanently retired. However, after discovering Genesis Transformation and completing the coaching certification, I realized that while I still had the same passion and enthusiasm for teaching – it had morphed to teaching others about health and regeneration. I discovered that when you have optimal health, you hold the key to infinite possibilities.

While I knew I wanted to peruse becoming a GT coach, I felt overwhelmed with defeat in trying to figure out how to raise a toddler and newborn, work full time as a teacher, and continue optimal levels of self-care. I felt desperate – with no solution.

For 6 weeks, my newborn daughter ferociously rejected the bottle. Three weeks before my maternity leave was scheduled to end, I realized that I needed to resign from teaching and reduce the daily escalating levels of stress about returning to work and not knowing how my daughter would nourish her body. My daughter was giving me a gift that I did not yet see!

My husband was very resistant – naturally he was scared. And to be honest, I tried to put on a confident face, but I had no idea what the future held for us. We created a life and lifestyle set around a specific financial plan, and me leaving my job meant gambling all of that as well as losing health insurance for the entire family. It meant putting trust out to the universe and upon myself on a massive scale.

It took one HUGE leap of faith for me to make that step, but I learned an incredible lesson! When you believe in yourself, and TRUST YOURSELF, truly ANYTHING is possible. Instead of spending time doubting your choices and decisions, use that energy to get STOKED and CONFIDENT in moving forward with your life. Let your heart lead you, and infinite possibilities will abound!

I still have no idea as to what the future holds for me, and I LOVE THAT! How exciting! I continue to trust and believe in myself, and day in and day out I am rewarded for it!  As the New Year is upon us and we begin to create new resolutions, I invite you to practice trusting to the infinity!

Coach Jenny Carr
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