What An Interesting Point Of View…

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What an interesting Point of View…

This statement came in handy yesterday morning while chatting with my fellow yogis after Vinyasa.   A woman mentioned she quit crossfit to give her body a break, because she kept getting sick.  I agreed with her by saying, great choice, your body was probably  overtrained, resulting in a lowered immune system.  She looked at me like I had two heads, and replied, NO, it was the amount of protein crossfitters ate.  Many crossfitters follow a regime of meats, dairy, veggies, fats, nuts, bacon and minimal fruit, pretty clean.   Many also follow an 80/20 concept.   Something to keep in mind, someone who eats clean and then has the weekend drinks, bacon and sugar,  is most likely, detoxing.  My guess is her sickness was a result of overtraining or detox symptoms….although her conclusion, was protein.

Another yogi picked up on this protein convo and let us know she’s interrogated every time she announces she’s a vegan.  She was annoyed that people did not know vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts all contain protein.  She then stated her vegan lifestyle is necessary because she has Multiple Sclerosis.

The vegan interested me with her diagnosis of MS.  I’m not an expert, nor do I have scientific research to prove this but as a loving daughter to a father with MS, I have done a VAST amount of research and have drawn a few curiosities along the road.  It’s known that MS is an auto-immune disease, the body sees something as foreign and starts attacking itself to remove it.  My research leads to food, mostly those containing lectins – such as legumes, white potato, grains and nuts, the very source of protein for the Vegan.  Yet she blames meat.  Such an interesting point of view.  I am so curious where we bought these conclusions.

Every BODY has it’s own set of needs, rules and regulations, we know that.  What if we were to test our conclusions rather than stand behind them WITHOUT a true trial and error?  I would be curious to see the results of the crossfitter eating only whole foods, including GRASSFED beef, while removing crossfit.  I also would be curious to see how the Vegan felt after including wild fish, eggs and grassfed beef while removing anything containing lectins.

We all have interesting points of view, I didn’t feel the need to be wrong or right yesterday, I just thought they had interesting points of view.  When we become fixed on our conclusions, we are unable to step outside of that box and try something else.  Possibilities are endless.   Over the next month while you attend holiday parties keep this phrase tucked in your back pocket.  You will always hear different thoughts, ideas and conclusions from your own, keep an open mind, become curious about people’s thought process rather than shut down and have to defend your own take on food, health, exercise, politics or religion…never know, you just might learn something!  What an interesting point of view…

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