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3 Generations of Clean Eating!

3 Generations of Clean Eating!

I recently had a conversation with a couple of friends that stemmed from an article titled “Top 10 Most Unhealthy, Cancer-Causing Foods – Never Eat These Again!” The 10 foods to avoid which the article listed were: GMO foods, processed meats, microwave popcorn, soda, ‘diet’ foods and beverages, flour, refined sugar, conventional apples, grapes and other ‘dirty’ fruits (non organic is what they were referring to), farmed salmon, and hydrogenated oils. Essentially – many of the foods we teach GT participants not to eat.

The stance in which the other two participants made (one of whom was a physician) was that those foods have not been proven to cause cancer in any sort of “double blind conclusive research study”. I am not aware of all of the double blind conclusive research studies out there, but I do know that what I have learned through Genesis Transformation has healed both myself, my family, and many friends of severe autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances, as well as joint and muscle pain.

The foods listed above cause inflammation in our bodies. It is inflammation that then allows cancer and a number of other illnesses and conditions in our body to emerge. My friends and family who were ‘cured’ of their diseases and physical ailments did so by simply changing their diet. We are constantly degenerating or regenerating our cells. When we create inflammation in our body from the foods we eat, we are degenerating our cells, but when we provide nutritious non inflammatory foods to fuel our body, we are regenerating the cells in our body – one of the reasons a person can rid themselves from illness and physical ailments simply by eating non inflammatory foods.

The physician went on to say that he agrees those foods are not good for you, but that everything is okay in moderation. People – LSD, cocaine, and heroin are not good in moderation!!! They are drugs that create a chemical reaction in your body and cause harm. The same thing goes for the foods listed above.

Those foods also create a chemical reaction that not only inflames your body, but also creates havoc with your hormones. This is worth noting because your hormones are essentially the control tower for your body. Because your hormones are all linked together, once one hormone is off they have the potential to all be off.  If we are chronically inflamed from the foods we eat, dis-ease is certain to be prevalent in your body.

In speaking to the idea that these foods do not directly cause cancer, that may be true. However, all of the research and learning I have done shows that these foods cause inflammation in our bodies. It is inflammation that then allows cancer and a number of other illnesses and conditions to emerge.  While eating nutritious foods is what fuels our body, removing inflammatory foods from our diet is what allows your cells to regenerate. This is the most important step to take in gaining your health back.

Cheers to a life of Ease from my family to yours,

jennyJenny Carr

Mother of 2, Wife, Teacher & Completed All 3 GT Coach Training Levels.