Mastery Program 2013: Level 1

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The 2013 Genesis Transformation Mastery Program kicked off September 26 in Chicagoland, IL.  Here’s a sampling of feedback from the attendees:

My experience brought the clarity and knowledge that I needed to plunge into a life that will be happy and healthy and free of disease.  At some point during our time together I became aware that I needed to eliminate an over the counter drug that I’d been taking daily for years. In one week I feel better than I can ever remember feeling.  The weekend was mind blowing and the company of so many like minded people was fantastic. I came away with new respect for the mission and passion of GT coaches. The weekend was a blessing and a gift!!   CD, Illinois

Always a pleasure to share time with Sheri Lynn and to soak up the knowledge she shares on health and wellness.  GT is such a revolutionary program but when you really break it down it is so very simple. Eat the way we were meant to in the beginning.  Thank you to Sheri, Samantha, Katie & Peggi for three special knowledge filled days!  So looking forward to phase two in February.  – Kelly, Illinois

GT Mastery was incredibly empowering, thought-provoking, and inspiring! The process will enable me to develop my best physical, spiritual and emotional self. Accordingly, I’ll question resistance and exercise thoughtful choice in my response. Thank you Sheri and staff- this was truly life-changing!!   Kris C, Wyoming

Even as seasoned GT’er as you may be, there is still a lot to learn. To know that even Sheri is in her process…because she said: you are ALWAYS in your process. That REALLY was an eye opener, you are always in motion with learning new things about your body. – CM, Illinois

I have never experienced anything so powerful!  The Mastery Program opened my eyes even wider on how important elegant thinking can be.  Just by mediating, journaling my thoughts, and putting my body in alignment for the past week I feel amazing.  Know that we always have a choice to every situation that arises in life.

Something else that stuck-out to me is about the children being born today have a life expectancy of 10 years less than adults now.  We all need to feed our children well and give them a chance to live a long, happy, healthy, and disease free life. A BIG THANK-YOU to Sheri, Sam, Katie, and Peggi for sharing your knowledge with me!  I am truly grateful to have all four of you in my life. Feeling blessed! – Ann, Illinois

Attending the Mastery program was so life-changing for me. It just made everything click. It was all so great to have some of the coaches share their experiences and it was so awesome to hear that they went through the same things I am! Absolutely amazing!  Amy, Wisconsin

Genesis transformation as in life is a journey with ups and downs. Be grateful you have been given a choice what road to choose. A clean mind is a gift that can get you thru the happiest time in life and not so great times in life. But ultimately the goal is to take these times and  have grace. It is a very powerful thing when you have control of you.  Erin, Montana

I will never look at food in the same way after attending Mastery. Food is now my medicine and nourishment to take the world on, not my comfort from the world. – Anonymous

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Samantha Ray, Sheri Lynn, Peggi Ingram, Katie Surjan

Samantha Ray, Sheri Lynn, Peggi Ingram, Katie Surjan


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