How I Roll – Samantha Ray

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Thursday, July 21st – Coach Samantha Ray

445am:  Get up and ready for the morning  (drink large glass of water, make tea, meditate for 15 minutes, eat soaked chia seeds and chicken).

545-11am:  Head to gym to work with training clients with an hour break to race home, get my sons (Carver, age 10 and Gates, age 8) out of bed and ready for their Natural Science Center Camp.  Grab coffee and fresh strawberries mixed with protein powder /water and eat in the car while I drop off my sons for carpool and get back to gym.

11-12noon:  Eat baked apples w/vanilla protein powder/water, warm up and weight train for 45minutes while drinking lots of water.  Eat other half of my baked apple snack in the car while I get home for GT phone consults.

12-2pm:  GT phone consults with a 20min break to catch up on paying bills and emails.  Water, water, water and yogi tea with fresh hemp milk.

2-215pm:  Eat watermelon and chicken and throw some laundry in.

215pm-3pm:  Listen to Abraham-Hicks while driving to Bigfork to pick up my children from camp.  More water.

3-345pm:  A pleasantly noisy drive home with 4 wound up boys talking about their day and listening loudly to Usher (my sons favorite music artist).  I take many deep breaths and remind myself I was once a kid too.

345pm-415pm:  Drop off carpooled kids and head to grocery store.

415pm-530pm:  Return home, unpack groceries, eat sesame coleslaw and chicken, clean kitchen, fold laundry, and prep for dinner.  Carver and Gates have some down time and build legos together.

530pm-7pm: Take boys to Les Mason beach to cool off and swim in Whitefish Lake.  I relax, reflect upon my day, write in my journal, and swim out to the dock to hang out with my sons.  Continuing to drink water and enjoy some fresh lemonade (water, fresh lemon juice, and stevia).

715pm-845pm:  Get home, cook dinner that consists of bison burger, large salad w/tahini goddess dressing, avocado, sauteed vegetables (kale, bok choy, onion, and mushroom) and eat outside on our deck.  Clean kitchen,  unpack boys backpacks from camp/beach, break up a few brotherly wrestling matches and facilitate them taking showers while they argue they already did in the lake.  I pay bills, prep for morning training clients, all the while getting interrupted due to more wrestling, throwing of toothbrushes, etc……you know your basic testosterone driven young boy behavior.

845-930pm:  Carver and Gates have their second wind and I’m exhausted so I work on getting them to chill-lax.  We sit on the couch and knit together.  My youngest sons learns to cast on and knit in one night!  He is very proud.  My oldest is knitting himself a wristband for soccer.

930-10pm:  I drink yogi tea and enjoy my chia pudding while we snuggle in my bed with our two cats India and Teeshia while reading.

10pm:  I tuck my sons in for the night and then melt into my own bed and fall fast asleep.

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