Ask Dave: Feeding the Four-Leggeds

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Hello Dave,

My vet recommended putting my dog on a raw food diet and I understand that you feed your dogs this way.  It seems like a lot more money to spend and I am not sure if it is worth the expense.  Do you believe it really helps?

 Marianne, Florida

Hello Marianne,

Vet bills are not cheap and neither is good food.  It is your choice where to spend the money but it will need to be spent either way if you want your 4-legged to be able to stick with you for the long haul.  If your vet recommended a dietary change it is evident that your dog’s health is failing – this is a perfect time for you to examine the reasons, which should not be hard to find.

Dogs require the same dietary care as we do:  Clean food and water.  Cheap food (especially processed cheap food) is FULL of mysteries and nutritional number boosting supplements.  It is a blend of many ingredients that an animals’ body needs to break down in order to assimilate.  This work requires energy & water and takes a toll on the body.

An easy way to gauge the digestive ‘success’ of your dog is when you pick up after it.  When eating a raw diet my dogs leavings are minimally disgusting – easy to pick up, and not overly stinky.  After feeding them a high-end kibble for about a week things are WAY more disgusting – the odor alone makes me wish they were eating only raw.

Being in Genesis teaches us A LOT about the basics of self-care and that most of the work that we do is choosing our foods carefully.  I encourage all pet owners to do the same with their pet’s foods – they deserve to feel good too and they will reward you when they do.

S.E.P. (stop eating poo)

David Cohen




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