Dave Rolls With Summer

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A typical summer day in my life….  David Cohen, Head GT Dude

Awaken @ 4:30 and drink my morning beverage; juice of ½ lemon, a few drops of stevia, & water.  Get kitchen ready for first round of feedings – boil water for chia porridge, prepare coffee & tea, get dog foods out of fridge.   Have some quiet time w/tea and sunrise.

By 7:00 everyone has had their #1 breakfast – time to exercise the dogs, no hiking trails here so I will be riding my bike alongside my racing chihuahua’s and then take out the rottweiller for her turn.  After that it is my turn for exercise – these days its kettlebells & bodyweight workouts right here at home.

#2 breakfast @ about 8:30 – sweet potatoes & eggs (my favorite!)  I’ll catch up on the emails while eating & review the plan for the day.

Today is rainy which means the RV roof repair will have to wait – and I will have to work on the computer.  Right now I am working on a business plan for the emerging retail division of Genesis, and preparing a vision of what the next 5 years may have to offer.

Around 10:00 is time for breakfast #3 (or lunch #1) which is usually a smoothie (check out my recipe for No-Protein-Powder Smoothie in the EAT THIS section!)

Today is a shopping day and here in Montana that may mean going to 4 stores to find all the best foods.  1 store for dog food & yams, 1 store for chicken & watermelon, 1 store for most other produce, and another store just for eggs..and another store for the gasoline!

Midday lunch:  Spaghetti squash w/meat sauce (emu & turkey & tomato sauce.)

Early afternoon entails a trip to the post office to send out some protein powder & then back to the computer.

As the day winds down so does my mental prowess so I’ll shift from the heavy work (business plans & serious emails) to the lighter side – maybe research a topic online or experiment with a recipe – perhaps I’ll try a new marinade today:

Lime juice, coriander, oil, garlic, honey, ginger, salt & pepper

Dinner will be served @ 6:00 (Grilled chicken & salad.)

An early evening dog walk followed by a cup of tea is the perfect way to end the day.




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