Peggi Rolls With Her ‘Favorite Day’

Posted on August 8, 2011 by


 Coach Peggi Ingram, RN

Buzz Buzzzzz Buzzzzzzz   It is 4:40am.  I lay there relaxing for just a few minutes to think about my day ahead.  Thankfully it is Wed, which means this is a day for me!  I have no clients scheduled today and it is my favorite day of the week – Yoga night!  I take another breath and prepare myself for the very calculated orchestrated morning routine.  Buzz Buzzzzz Buzzzzzzz

Up and At ‘em as I hit the ground running – Well, Almost literally.  First is downstairs by 5 am for a 20 HIIT on the elliptical, then off to the shower, put water on for tea, coffee for hubby,  put the fixing in the Vitamix for hubby’s protein shake, make lunches for hubby and son and then time to get dressed and prettied up for the day.

Back in the kitchen, while scrambling up my 11 eggs (8 egg whites) with mushrooms, I chop up leftover chicken for chicken salad, make tuna salad with peas and homemade mayo, a salad with Tahini Goddess dressing, grab an apple and chia seeds and out the door with my huge lunch bag by 6:35 am before anyone else is even stirring!

Ahhh time to slow down, take a breather, enjoy my tea, and marvel at the beautiful sunrise on my commute to the corporate life.  My mental plan for the day:  Space out my meals, divide up my eggs for 2 meals, fill up my water jug, what time is my first meeting?  Grab my eggs and water and off I am to the first of many meetings.  Smile at those who ask the same questions when they see me eat my eggs, “Isn’t that too many eggs?  What is your cholesterol level?” Ahhh, if only they knew!!!!  Hope this meeting ends soon – that water is passing through!  I’m starving!  Snack time.

After work, it is straight home for a quick change of clothes and to grab more protein, veggies and water to hold me over until my late dinner after Kundalini yoga.  I make yoga a priority.  I have learned that even though I leave the house by 5:30 and don’t get home until 8:30 or later, it is so worth the physical, mental and spiritual healing I get.  This is also time for me to connect with the couple of other GT’ers in the area.   Finally home to have a quick salad with salmon with the hubby and chat with the family, open the iPAD and plan tomorrow’s menus.   Then off to bed to enjoy the best night sleep of the week.  Yoga does that! …….  Buzzz Buzzzzz