How Courtney Rolls

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A Day In the Life! – Coach Courtney Townley

Monday July 18th

4am:   Get up and drink 2 large glasses of water, spend the next 45minutes getting straight with myself and the day ahead (involves quiet time, reading, journaling).

4:45-5:30am:   Drink more water, get dressed and prep food for the day.

5:30am:  Leave the house for the day with smoothie in hand for the ride into town.

6-6:45am:  Workout drinking water throughout.  Drink protein and eat apple immediately upon workout completion.

7am – 1pm: Work with personal training clients (1 snack of 3 hard boiled eggs and 1 meal of mixed green salad with chicken breast, drinking water intermittently all morning).

1:30-2pm:   Race to the babysitters house to pick up son.

2:30pm:  Make pumpkin pie shake for Liam and me.

3pm:  NAP TIME for Liam…if I am luckyJ  While Liam naps, I play catch up on bills, paperwork, laundry and 100 other things with water on my desk.  If I feel spent (which is nearly ALWAYS), I allow myself to take a 20 minute nap.

5pm:  Start dinner of grilled salmon, asparagus, and potatoes.

6pm:  Bedtime routine for Liam (bath, story, and cuddles).

7pm:  Catch up with my husband before we both go off to complete business paperwork, emails etc.   Drink a cup of tea.

9pm:  I take a little time to close the day and peek at my planner at the day ahead.  I repeat a similar routine to what I did in the morning (quiet time, reading, journal).

9:30-10pm:   Crawl into bed and fall asleep within seconds.