Rolling Along!

Posted on August 8, 2011 by


Coach Michele John

Living the GT lifestyle is my day to day life, which is 180 degrees different than how I used to roll.  Now I rarely eat out at restaurants, because I have learned over and over again even the “cleanest” of restaurants still like to add in sugar, salt, and other things that make their food taste good, but fire up inflammation in my body.  I have embraced the concept of, “I would rather cook my own food, feel good, not have my joints ache and my skin look glowing and clear, over the convenience of some other person serving me in a restaurant”, not to mention charging me a pretty penny in the process.

I spend far more time in the grocery store than I used to.  I spend more money on food too.  The funny part is, I also spend less time and money in my doctor’s office.   I think the trade off is well worth it!  I work a full time job, a part time job; I am a wife, mother and friend.  We have horses and have a pretty hectic lifestyle, but I make it a priority to take care of me.  In reality, if I don’t, who will?

On days where I am really up to my eyeballs, I find that I have to hit the ground running.  That means my meditation may only be five minutes, next on to my HIT (it if is part of that day’s plan), and finally I put all of my food together and then I am out the door.  In the evening I get in my workout.  The funny part is I try and get in little extras during the day.  When I bring in my groceries I do curls with the bags.  I have been known to throw in 10-15 body weight squats in the kitchen at my office or incline pushups against the counter while I prep my food.  When I climb the stairs at work or home I stop and do 15 calf raises.  I figure it can’t hurt, and “weight is weight” so whether I am lifting a 20 lbs bag of dog food or a 20 lbs kettlebell it will all work my muscles.