A Different Kind of Vacation

Posted on May 29, 2011 by


Michele John, Certified Genesis Coach
Vacations are a necessity in people’s lives.  They don’t have to be grand, exotic trips; they just need to be a break from the daily grind.  Vacations help recharge your battery, your thinking, and create great memories.
I also realize that with the economy the way it is, taking a vacation may not be possible for everyone this year.  But with that said, that shouldn’t stop you from taking a vacation of a different kind, a vacation from old thinking patterns, especially as they relate to how you see your new and changing body.
One of the greatest challenges of weight loss is seeing your “new” body in its current light.  Because GT is not a quick fix, it is not uncommon for our GT folks to not fully see the radical changes their bodies go through in fueling and rotation.  For example, I recently updated body measurements on a client of mine.  She has lost 31 pounds of fat so far on her journey and her body is really changing.  During our meeting she commented on the fact that no one has really noticed her loss.  I thought, how can someone not notice 31 pounds of fat gone from her body?  Especially when you realize that volume of fat is roughly the equivalent of six loaves of bread.    Then I really looked at her clothing.  She is still wearing clothes she wore 31 pounds ago.  The clothes themselves are fine; however, they hang shapelessly on her body.   I suggested she take a little vacation from her current wardrobe and take advantage of our impending warmer weather by investing in some fitted summer T’s, tank tops, or other apparel that truly reflect her newer shape.  I know when she does try on those more fitted clothes; she will see how differently her body looks now.  Who knows, maybe she will pack up those old clothes and send them on their own vacation by way of donating them to someone that needs them.

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