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Traveling by air can be one of the most trying situations to eat clean and maintain adequate water intake. Between being at the airport 2-3 hours in advance, lack of appropriate food choices and differing TSA rules, this can play havoc with any best laid plans.  I vowed this year on our trip to Cozumel with friends; I was going to figure this out once and for all. Our trip was going to include planes, vans, ferries and tricycles to get to our final destination.  We had a long day ahead of us and I needed to be well prepared.

Because we were traveling with 2 other couples, I had to pack plenty for everyone.  In my large carryon cooler, I packed baked yam protein bars, Lara Bars, a bag of apples, packets of tuna, hard boiled eggs, raw almonds, and my favorite: tuna, peas, sweet potatoes, and veganaise to eat on the plane.

Getting through Chicago security was a breeze.  As soon as we were through, I filled my water container at the fountain.  No problems!  I had plenty of food and we definitely ate most of it.  Once we landed in Mexico is when the fun began.  No filling up the container with water and no vendors with water in the luggage terminal!  Cervezas were plentiful, water, not so much.  Thankfully, someone packed water in her luggage.  We ate again in the van ride to the ferry.  I was off to a great start.  Maybe this wasn’t so hard after all.

Well…. the trip home was definitely a learning experience. Due to bad weather on the ferry, we left early and were at the airport 5 hours ahead of departure.  I had eaten quite a bit before we left and packed baked chicken, peas and sweet potatoes to eat on the plane.  The group was hungry.  The only decent restaurant in the airport was TGIFriday’s.   I chose a salad and the only thing that was not pre-seasoned per the menu – skirt steak.   This seemed to be the best choice.  So far so good!  I found out the hard way that the Mexican TSA does not allow those traveling to the U.S. to take any liquids on board unless bought at the duty free and delivered AFTER the 2nd security check!!  So a bottle of Rum was ok but not the $10 bottled water bought after security point A!!!

Traveling is trying, especially international, and even the best laid plans can go awry but it can be done with careful planning and a lot of laughter.

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