Jan’s Journey – June 2010

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During this journey, I have often thought “THIS IS HARD”.  Living a clean life eating good food isn’t so hard but meeting all the specific percentages of proteins, carbs and fats is challenging.  Needing to be connected to the computer everyday can be frustrating.  I think that if I was doing this when I was working it would have been easier.  I worked from 6am-6pm using a PC and my life was quite predictable.  I worked at home so I could have easily made a food plan and kept to it all day as I had no where else to go!  It would have been a challenge when I had business travel though.  Now that I am retired, my life is less predictable.  I may plan out a day of activities and food but then our plans change and my food plan is altered on the spot and I don’t always meet my numbers.  We are currently traveling in our RV and for the last 3 weeks we have been visiting a lot of friends so I have not been so successful making a plan and sticking to it.  I don’t always have access to my PC so I am having to just make the best of it.  I eat only clean food but not always the right amounts.  I guess I need to generate a cheat sheet and load it on an IPhone (except I don’t have one) so that I have a good reference tool to use on the spot….that’s an idea for you David!   I have gotten really good at estimating sizes of food though.  I can tell how many ounces most pieces of meat and potatoes are just by looking at them so that is a new skill I have learned and am quite proud of!  I am still making progress at losing weight, I think it is slow but Samantha tells me I am doing just fine.  I am down 30 lbs in 7 months and I feel good.  I have lots of energy and enjoy wearing my skinny clothes that I used to have in the back of the closet. Only problem is, most of them are getting a bit baggy….guess I will need to buy some new clothes…DARN!

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