Beginner’s Workout 5 featuring Vicki Bernstein

Posted on April 12, 2010 by


Beginning Kettlebell

The kettlebell workout is fun because of the multidimensional resistance, momentum and dynamic exercises.  Due to the handle design, exercises can have a large range of motion and create three-dimensional movement.   The movements feel good because they imitate real –life patterns that are natural to the human body.  Enjoy!

Backward Lunge with Rotation toward Front Leg

Place feet hip width apart, hold the bell at the handles at chest height.  Keeping the bell at chest level, step backward into a lunge while rotating your torso (not just the bell) toward the front leg.  Alternate sides  12 sets ( 1 set = right and left)

Double Hand Hold Squat

Standing with feet a little wider than hip distance apart, hold the bell handle with both hands, arms straight and relaxed.  Bend from the hips as if sitting in a chair, squat deeply with knees over toes, keep the chest up, and the heels on the ground.   Exhale as you come up, Inhale as you descend.

Squat/Stand Figure 8

Begin standing with legs slightly wider than hip distance apart and with your feet lightly turned out. Hold the kettlebell at the corner of the handle, squat and pass the kettlebell from the inside the leg to behind and around the leg in a figure 8 pattern.   Sway your body just enough to maintain a momentum side to side.  Then stand  and repeat this 12 reps with  one rep = one pass of the bell under right and left legs.

Vicki Bernstein is a certified Genesis coach, certified personal trainer and Gerontologist who loves sharing her philosophy that community, exercise, clean food, dogs and humor are good medicine.