Sheri’s Workouts – Combo Supersets SHOULDERS/CALVES

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A reminder that these sets are for intermediate to advanced exercisers with weight room experience –  it’s assumed you know the basics.  Talk to your coach, get a good book on weight training or hire a trainer if any of this doesn’t make sense to you, okay? This is serious stuff, weight training, and you don’t want to get hurt.

You’ll be training your shoulders & calves in this workout, and further training your core with balance work. Note that it takes a lot of work to really get calves to grow – they whine early on in the workout, before they are really exhausted.  Remember that your calves motor your body weight around all day long, so they can work pretty hard.  Experiment with pushing your calves…


Four sets of every set of exercises.  First set is 15-20 reps, second is 15-12 reps, following sets are 10-12 reps.  Remember, that means a weight heavy enough that you can’t possibly do MORE than the recommended rep count, okay?


SEATED OVER HEAD PRESS: dumbbells, palms facing way from body

ONE LEGGED CALF RAISES:  You’ll need a wood 2 x 4, or half a foam roller, or the equivalent.  The half foam roller is best for balance/core work. Place ball of right foot on the plank or roller, left leg is bent with foot behind you, balancing on right foot.  Hands are placed behind the head (elbows out).  Roll up on right foot, lifting heel until you are standing on the ball of your foot, balanced.  Come back down to where the heel touches the floor (ball of foot still on plank or roller).  That’s one.  Do it 20 times and switch legs.  Can add dumbbells; hold them on your shoulders with elbows out.  Keep all sets at 20 reps.


SIDE LATERAL RAISES; dumbells – standing in neutral, arms at side, palms facing the body.  Lift straight arms out to side and slightly above the shoulder, pause, and slowly lower (2-3 count).  Arms stay straight but you know not to lock them, I know.

SMITH MACHINE CALF RAISES: Standing in neutral stance,with the weighted Smith bar over your shoulders as in squat position.  Balls of feet are on a 2×4 or a low step, heels lower than ball of foot.  Lift up heels for 1 count, and lower 2 counts.  Use heavy enough weight to do regular rep schedule.  You can use a squat rack alternatively with a regular weighted olympic or weight bar.


FRONT RAISES; dumbbells Neutral stance with palms facing the body.  Raise straight arms in front of you until slightly above shoulder height, pause, and lower for a 2 count.  You can do more weight with this if you alternate sides.  Don’t swing or move with momentum! Keep it controlled.

ONE LEGGED HIP EXTENSIONS (or Birds): From the neutral stance, put weight on right leg and keeping arms at side, and lift left leg behind you keeping hips parallel and moving the body as a plank so that the torso stays in line with the left leg (i.e. as the leg comes up behind you the torso is coming forward, so that when the left leg is parallel to the floor, so is the torso).   Do 8 and then switch sides.  Your calves may burn a bit…but you’re working on your core and using your hamstrings/glutes.


STANDING OVERHEAD PRESSES; dumbbells.  Use light weight.  Palms in facing the ears.  Do 3 sets of 20, quickly, with 1 minute between each set.  Want a challenge?  Do it up on the balls of your feet, staying stable on your toes while busting out the shoulder reps. Keep your abs tight.