Sheri’s Rants #12: Adulthood. Welcome to it.

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“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it.  If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be it’s victim.”                    – Richard Bach

When our body starts to degenerate abnormally fast, or a big disease rears it’s head, or very suddenly nothing that used to work to pull our bodies into line works anymore – we suddenly have an urge to find the fastest route back to ‘normal’.  We think if we get that external thing fixed – the symptoms – we’ll somehow return to where we were.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard this from people who’ve ‘inexplicably’ packed on some pounds, watched their cholesterol skyrocket, the hormones get whacked, and the blood sugar start bouncing.


Sheri Lynn, age 47

What we start teling ourselves is ‘I’m just at that age’, or ‘We all have to die sometime’, or ‘Well, I’m over 40 now’…and a trip to the doctor may reveal a statement akin to ‘You’re just at that age where we see these things happen’.  Is that true?  No.  Is rapid degeneration, illness and imbalance normal?  NO.  If you are convinced that aging is natural and can’t be avoided then this is the reality you will create with your body.  How?  By doing the things that ensure this process!  Unwittingly, perhaps, but still.

In our culture, we accept that Big Diseases are NORMAL and will eventually hit you.  As we have proven time and time again with Genesis Transformation – this is not a truth.  YOU are responsible for your health and YOU can change it at any time – no matter what your age is.

I’ve had clients tell me, over and over – that they ‘have’ to be on cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds, anti depressants – because there is a biological hereditary reason for it.  And over and over, I’ve seen these same people go off a wide variety of these drugs – in some cases becoming physically ill from over medication – by changing their lifestyle choices.  Simply eating better and moving around.  It’s profound.  It’s miraculous.  It’s RARE in the medical experience.  Many doctors do not see their patients self heal because the norm is NOT a person who changes lifestyle habits with any level of certitude.

Realistically, the further down the degenerative path you are the longer it will take your body to heal – however you CAN start feeling better fairly quickly.  And as long as you are focused on the feeling better aspect, your body will pull into line and you will be amazed at the changes.  You do yourself a huge disservice to weigh your physical progress by whether or not the scale is dropping.  If your body has big internal work to do – you are going to get to feeling better fairly quickly but asking your liver to process stored body-fat for fuel may be a bit too much while that liver is learning to function appropriately – learning to digest, to process, to clean out toxicity in a way that moves your body toward health.  Respect that this is BIG work.

If you look at the years you spent abusing your body vs. how long it takes your body to turn around, WOW.  It’s fast.  If you do not respect your historical mistreatment of your body and expect instant results on the scale, you’ll get mentally whacked.  This is where self-responsibility comes in.  I say it’s being an adult about it. Do your expectations match your physical reality?

I had a particular cancer patient who, within weeks of completing radiation and chemotherapy, was anxious that her body was not dropping fat!  Her body had reached a level of disease that, unchecked – would lead to certain death.  As she learned to eat in a healthier way and exercise moderately – her body was slowly healing.  She did feel better, and her doctor told her she was recovering ‘abnormally fast’.  But her anxiety over the scale weight was unreasonable and stressful and led to binge after binge, and days of NOT eating to ‘balance’ the binging. This put her body into more distress.  To deal with the resulting mental depression, she began taking anti-depressants.  This client had a very difficult time wrapping her head around the profound level of jeopardy her body had reached by her lifestyle habits – and could not accept that her eating habits were causing deterioration!  Eventually, she did ‘get it’ after another positive cancer test –  and allowed her body to go into what we call the Fueling process for an unprecedented 2 years.  As her body nourished itself, the outward physical changes were remarkable.

Now, I understand that many people who come to Genesis Transformation are purely interested in fat loss.  We work very hard to educate people that a healthy body will drop fat with simple chemical direction resulting from specific lifestyle habits.  Very often folks have a very hard time wrapping their heads around that.   They want the pill, the supplement, the magic wand.  There isn’t one.  Not one that will serve you long term, in any case.

Genesis Transformation is for the special breed of person who can accept the level of self-responsibility that health and lasting fat loss requires. You may not have that at the beginning- but it’s a muscle you’ll have to develop right alongside of the rest.

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