Sheri’s Rants # 11 – WILL IT BE HARD??

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We’re human.  The first thing we want to know when we try something new is whether or not it’s gonna hurt, how bad, and if it’ll be hard.  This is a tough question to answer about Genesis Transformation.  I WANT to say – ‘it will hurt if you decide it will, it will be hard if you make it hard.’  Because that is the truth.  Many of our clients say it’s the easiest thing they’ve ever done (in terms of what they get back), and others bemoan every single pound coming off thier body (it’s never ever fast enough)- never delighting in the changes, never learning to enjoy real food, always looking for the quick fix – and don’t enjoy the ride at all.

I like to say that if it’s not fun, stop doing it!  That at least saves me from listening to the bitching.  A human body that is not appreciated and not having fun responds the slowest and takes the longest to heal.  Bottom line – if you’re not happy with you now, you’re not gonna get much happier when you weigh less.  Fortunately, most folks get down to having a good time as soon as they figure that out.  OOOOOH, that self-responsibility crap again!

In any case, I’ve compiled a list of what IS hard:

Will it Be Hard?
Let me tell you what ‘hard’ is:
Hard is looking at yourself with self-loathing and hating the mirror.
Hard is dressing to hide your self.
Hard is avoiding social functions so no one will see you.
Hard is avoiding swimming and beaches so you’re not seen in a swimsuit.
Hard is obsessively dieting.
Hard is worrying every time you eat that you will get fatter.
Hard is beating yourself up after every meal for not doing it ‘right’.
Hard is the negative self-talk in your head.
Hard is confusing all your diet rules and giving up on your self, daily.
Hard is going to bed at night and regretting your day.
Hard is joining fitness classes and gyms and not showing up and having that eat away at the back of your head.
Hard is not keeping up with your kids.
Hard is not being able to engage in simple physical activities because you are not physically capable.
Hard is the shame of the scale at the doctor’s office.
Hard is obsessively buying dieting books and materials.
Hard is eating weird shakes and pills trying, uselessly, again, to change what is happening with your body.
Hard is the mental battle you face with you on a daily basis.
Hard is resenting and hating the fit woman in the room, at the same time wanting what she has.

Genesis Transformation is easy.  You’re on the path, doing something for you, and learning to have a good time with it.

have fun,

Sheri Lynn

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